Why choose Product Placement Solutions?


You can check in with your driver any time during business hours, giving you total confidence that your advertisement is getting star treatment. You even have access to your ad’s GPS location, and your driver’s weekly mileage is calculated automatically by the app and cannot be edited.


Product Placement Solutions helps you reach sophisticated young people in a positive way. Your product is presented clearly and effectively, and it will be seen by thousands of people on a daily basis. Some drivers might even share your ad on their social media.


Product Placement Solution’s straight-forward platform connects you with high-quality ad placement at the click of a button, through both our website and easy-to-use app. Magnetic stickers are simple to order and can be reused again and again, so you make more profit with less stress.


You can choose the plan that best fits your unique needs—from increasing visitors to your online store to reaching out to a specific target audience. Ads run Monday through Sunday, and you decide how many weeks of placement will work best.


Are you looking to make a big impact for less upfront cost? You can choose among drivers to suit every budget. We’ve done the homework on how to make more profit through advertising, and our method for mobile outdoor advertising clearly wins over online ads, radio and television.


In addition to helping people earn more money through advertising, Product Placement Solution’s main goal is boosting the economy, creating more jobs and generating revenue for the entire country. Money earned stays close to home, strengthening local businesses. These are lofty ideals, and we’re happy to do our part for the good of all!


Join forces with the driver who best fits your needs. You can team up with an Uber or taxi driver, who will be cruising city streets hour after hour, or you can choose a "directed driver,” which means that you decide where your ad is shown during an 8-hour timeframe. You can send the directed driver up and down the busiest streets, or just park your ad for a few hours at a high-traffic location. Another excellent option is placing an ad with a self-employed worker who drives from client to client all day. The options are endless!

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