We do not lock you into any long-term contracts.

Everybody wants to stand out from the crowd, so it is very important for every Business to have a known name and Brand in their local area. High volume, Visual, Memorable Advertising of your Business Brand, is by far the best way to become the known and trusted option when people are looking for your product or service. Below is an explanation of how our service works and why we believe it will work for you.

We DO NOT lock you into any long-term CONTRACTS. This gives you full peace of mind knowing you can try something new, without breaking the bank or being stuck in something you can’t get out of. All package deals run for 5 weeks. You can also use our mobile application where drivers set their own prices on a weekly basis. There are very limited spots available for Businesses, so please take that into account when making your decision.

Business Advertising Challenges

Value for money

Finding genuine value for money with your advertising. Generally, advertising is very expensive for what you get. Or even worse, you are paying for advertising that just doesn’t work. PROP gives you offline and online advertisement with a report from the drivers at the end of each campaign.


You can run a campaign for 5 weeks and change your ad. You can try different campaigns at the same time to test the market then use the campaign “message” that worked the best for you. With full car wraps, you are locked in for months.

Public Remembering

Finding advertising that has the public remembering who you are, instead of having to find you by chance in amongst all of your competition. (Business directories, Newspapers etc)

Affordable set-up cost

while car wraps can cost you thousands of dollars just to set up on one car and you have to redo again if you want to change the location of your ad, magnetic stickers last for 5 years and you can use them on different cars in different locations. Magnets can be purchased from a little as $30. You can also place one ad on one car giving you the opportunity to share the car with other advertisers reducing your cost. You don’t have to book a whole car, you can book just a part of it: 1-2 doors, bonnet or the back. Your advertisement only costs from a little as $2.7/day/ad.

Winning the online battle

In this current day and age, is winning the online battle. Businesses close down or struggle every day because they are not effective with their Website and Social Media strategies. They think it’s complicated but it isn’t. The competition will jump you very quickly if you are complacent in this area.

Reaching the right audience

It is not only about the number of impressions it is also to the right audience. We understand that each business has a different audience. If you sell for everyone (e.g. pasta) you want to be seen on as many cars as you can; if you sell for a specific audience such as females 20-30 you want to be seen by this age and gender group (we put your ads on female drivers' cars in this age group. We assume that people hang out with like-minded people); if you sell for drivers (e.g. radio station) you want to be seen on the back of the car etc.

How it works

Register with driver

Each day thousands of drivers register with our program. They are everyday car owners who want to earn a little extra each month for driving with an ad on their car. We only count the time when they are visible by pedestrians. We focus on parking or driving slow so pedestrians can see your advertisement and even take picture with it. You can create campaigns when they have to find your ad, take a selfie with it and post it on social media to win a prize. Combine traditional and online advertisement to achieve an amazing result. According to their weekly visibility we divide them into 3 categories:

  • Regular drivers: drive to work and back. Average exposure in busy areas where pedestrians can see your ads: 10-20 hrs/ week
  • Silver class drivers: Average exposure in busy areas: 20-40 hrs/week
  • Gold class drivers: Average exposure in busy areas: 40+ hrs/week. These drivers drive all day due to their work all over the city (delivery drivers, personal trainers, business advisors etc.)

Assembling a campaign

We start by understanding the specific geographic and/ or demographic location where our client needs exposure. We pair our partnering brand with drivers who drive in that targeted location or network. It is not about the number of impressions it is about the right impressions. We understand that each business is unique, therefore we cannot target their market just by location. E.g. You sell products for children -> we match you with parents who likely to go to places where other parents go with children; you have shops in the Eastern suburbs area-> we match you with drivers who drive and park a lot in that area.; if you sell products for females we will place your ads predominantly on females driver’s cars, because they are more likely to be around other females.

Assembling a campaign

Quality control

Before a driver gets into our system, PROP Marketing runs all matched drivers through a quality check. Our strict standards ensure the highest degree of brand image control for our clients. After your campaign, you will receive a report of your campaign showing the following 4 parts:

  • Number of hours driven and parked in each location given an estimated impressions
  • Your brands’ social media support by the drivers: Facebook shares, likes, friends invitation to like your page, Instagram following
  • Review of your company online
  • Feedback of your advertisement design. What should be changed to gain more engagement?

We also check on drivers randomly and if they try to cheat the system they don’t get paid and you get refunded.

Campaign initiation

Using a pre-determined start date and by driving within the specified targeted area PROP will promote YOUR message as they go about their daily route. Your campaign can be different each month giving you maximum opportunity to get customers. As seasons and holidays change your promotion changes as well. You don’t want to advertise winter coat at summer time, right? You can send specific messages such as Easter, Christmas or Halloween gigs. Our guarantee to our clients is that every car in their campaign will generate 100,000- 200,000 impressions. It is not only about the number of impressions, it is about the RIGHT AUDIENCE.  Every Business has to advertise. That’s a fact of life. YOU CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO ADVERTISE IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN BUSINESS.  You cannot wait for your clients to find you. You must make them to want you. You must hustle your clients.

When you advertise with prop you not only advertise but also provide great income (up to $600/campaign) for the drivers who carry your ads. Campaign initiation


  • Advertisement surface rental fee for 4 weeks – no lock-in contract for months -> flexible
  • Matching with the right drivers depending on your target market
  • Report after each advertising period (driving and parking locations and period with estimated impressions; social media engagement; reviews etc)
  • Social media engagement by drivers: shares, likes, following
  • Reviews for your company/ product: this is authentic. If the driver hasn't tried your product, you can send a sample and ask their opinion. If the opinion is positive, they will publish it to for the public, but if it is negative, they will share it only with you
  • Listing on our Navigator page
  • PACKAGES DON'T INCLUDE: magnets, postage fee and the GST "
  • PACKAGES DON'T INCLUDE THE POSTAGE FEE FROM THE DRIVERS (estimated cost is $15/magnet or $20/2 magnets. It depends on how many magnets you want with 1 driver)

Driver categories

Regular drivers

10-20 hrs/ week visibility 4 weeks advertisement

Silver-class drivers

20-40 hrs/ week visibility 4 weeks advertisement

Gold-class drivers

40 + hrs/ week visibility 4 weeks advertisement

Back of the car (not window)

5 spaces on 5 cars: $600 + GST

10 spaces on 5 cars: $800 + GST


Unfortunately, that's impossible, but we can provide you a "same-day service". It means that on the day we receive your magnets we transport them to the drivers (not via post). We have drivers with our advertisements on their cars (PROP) and we can replace them with your advertisement on the same day or from the following morning. This is subject to availability and a surcharge, You can book 10 spaces for $3000 + GST or 5 spaces for $2000 + GST. The magnets are going to be on the gold class drivers' cars.

Advertise on cars' rear window with real sticker:

Minimum booking is 6 months.  

Please send us email to:
Directed drivers:
  • You can tell their exact route for an 8 hour period.
  • Minimum booking is 1 driver for 1 day.
  • You tell the exact driving and parking route. 
  • You can have magnets all over the car -> have different magnets to tell more.
  • $500 + GST /day
  • $800 + GST / 2 days
  • $1200 + GST/3 days  
  • $1600 + GST/ 4 days
  • $1900 + GST/5 days (price doesn't include the cost of the magnets Estimated cost: 300 $) Your driver remains the same.

Advertise on a luxury car

Magnets for order

Magnets characteristics:
  • 60 cm * 30 cm -> great for the side or for the bonnet
  • Commercial grade outdoor magnet
  • 0.9 mm
  • Laminated, waterproof, UV resistant
  • Premium grade UV ink / 5 years non-fade
  • Minimum order: 5 magnets
  • GST inclusive
    • 5 magnets:  $250
    • 10 magnets: $420
    • 30 magnets: $1050
    • 50 magnets: $1500
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