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Do you drive an average of 2-3 hours every day ?

Do you drive an average of 2-3 hours every day and park in busy places? Would you like to be rewarded for that daily commute, or are you struggling to find full-time work? Maybe you’re hoping to save money for a new car or a long-overdue holiday? We’d like to connect you with businesses that want to pay you to place advertisements on your vehicle. Join the Product Placement Solutions community for good pay and days you can choose.

Have you got a retail shop?

Have you got an empty retail shop on a busy street waiting for someone to rent it out? Why not using that waiting time and rent the windows for clients who would like to place their ads on posters there? You can make money while waiting for your new tenant! Are you renting a retail shop at a great location? You can also get companies advertising on your shopfront to reduce your rental cost. Get listed on our page FREE. You need to place our small advertisement on your window for advertising awareness

Are you a social media influencer or blogger?

Get listed on our website where businesses can find you and contact you by the industry you are involved in. Listing and transactions are 100% free of charge. You don’t have to pay commission for us.

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How can you make money as a driver?

Download the app

Download the app and rent the spaces on your car on a weekly basis for the price you wish to charge. You arrange everything via the app and the Post.

Be a registered driver with us

You can register as a fixed priced driver and let us get you clients. Bookings are for 4 weeks.

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Rent your rear window

Rent your rear window. You set up your own price, just let us know that you want to be listed . All signs are RTA approved and not suitable for sedans (your visibility will be reduced).

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Be a directed driver

Be a directed driver: clients can book you and tell you where to drive and park for maximum exposure. You must have a very eye-catching car to be suitable.If you want to be available

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Promote us for business

Promote us for businesses. If you bring us clients you will be rewarded.

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What You Need to Know about The App

You get to be your own boss, and you retain complete privacy. The price is set by you alone—our service fee is added to the client’s total. You’re able to go about your business, undisturbed, yet quietly earning money. What are you waiting for? It's simple as that:


Download our free app.


Set up your personal profile by taking a photo of your car and telling us more about your driving routines on our simple form. You’re ready to turn your car into cash!


When you get a request through your app, make sure you accept within 24 hours. All advertisements start on Mondays and are a minimum of one week long


When you accept the request, the business owner gets a message, and you can work together to arrange the posting of the magnetic sticker.


When the job is over, send the magnetic sticker back to its owner or to a new location the owner provides.


Pay day! Your fee is transferred to your PayPal account.

Take it up a notch

Clients appreciate any extra effort that helps their businesses grow. Promoting your client’s magnetic sticker on social media is a great way to boost the success of the advertisement and increase the likelihood that you’ll get to work together again.

For the Good

Keep in mind that Product Placement Solutions isn’t just about making money—we care about each other, we help each other, and our highest goal is stimulating the economy for the good of all. You can help businesses grow by giving them maximum exposure, and their success becomes your success. Product Placement Solutions is not only a mobile app, it’s a philosophy.

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