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Firstly, because it is the most efficient and affordable way of advertisement. Secondly, because when you advertise with PROP you not only advertise, but also help the economy. When you advertise on cars, about 80-90% of the fee goes to the drivers. When you advertise in shop windows you help out the struggling shop owners and help them to stay in business. You also help disabled people as PROP employs people with disabilities who can work from home on computers and phone.

We encourage that everyone should have a purpose individually and we all should have a common purpose: understand and help each other while also improving the struggling economy.

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Mobile application

  • Minimum booking is 1 space for 1 week
  • Drivers set their own prices individually
  • You chose the driver/s individually and arrange the magnets individually
  • Great for small local shops who want to draw attention on changes, eg.: new management, new menu, sales, new products
  • Great for small businesses who only want a few advertisements for a week (small shops, restaurants with special promotion)

where do you want to advertise

Promotion packages

  • Drivers are in our internal listing (not visible)
  • Most drivers are delivery drivers or have a profession that requires them driving all day
  • Minimum booking is 5 surfaces
  • 5 surfaces can be on 5 different cars
  • 1 surface is suitable for a 30*60 cm magnetic ad
  • You can place your ad on 1 car or you can place 2 ads on 1 car for better visibility
  • You can place your ad on 1 car or you can place 2 ads on 1 car for better visibility
  • We select the drivers based on your target market: location, gender, profession, family status, hobbies
  • Price is fixed
  • Pricing is set to the number of hours your ad is visible by pedestrians (we don’t count the time spent on highways where nobody read your ad)
  • Great for online businesses who want to reach a specific and large audience
  • Great for branding
  • Great for testing the market when you are not sure which advertisement would work for you. Create several versions of your advertisement and place it on different cars. This way you can test which advertisement works for you the most

Promote your business

Shared brand collaboration

It is expensive to hire a good place, an amazing photographer and one or more talented models. You need to get a hairdresser, a stylist and nice clothes so the picture would be grab the attention. You also have to place it outdoors to build your brand. Sounds like something you want but you can never ever afford? We have the solution!

  • Get in our listing and tell us about your brand
  • We put together brands who are not competition of each other to share cost. This way the production cost would be only 20% of the price you would pay on your own. We put 5 brands together with their best product and their brand name beside the product. Your online shop can provide the shoes, while another one the dress, another one the jewellery, another one the sunglasses, another one some drink or snack, another one can provide the hair (for hair saloon or hair product) , another one an awesome bag and another one maybe furniture or a tanning studio. The possibilities are limitless. We love co-working places and are in love with the sharing economy. Why not share advertisement?
  • We are lonely wolves in the tough business world. Get together and make each other stronger! You can even make collaborated campaigns like get shoes and clothes together and receive a discount. Be smart and partner up. Direct customers to each others’ shops.
  • Send your expression of interest here : info@prop.marketing

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  • Social Objectives
  • Social Media Strategy Overview
  • Content folder to get you started
  • Social Media Breakdown
  • The Social Media Process – step by step
  • Why you need to add social media into your marketing mix
  • Email communication with a social media expert

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How are we different?

We are much more affordable than other advertising options, and with us you not only advertise but also help others who need more income. Our goal is to help business to grow by providing great outdoor exposure, and reduce their expenses by helping them to collaborate with each other.



$4.3/day/ad -> 360-960 impressions   Facebook doesn’t allow any third party auditing their impressions’ authenticity or location.

Wraps on cars


$700-1500/month/car. Minimum booking is 3 months -> to be on 10 cars you must have 21 000 $ just to try - with PROP it costs you 1750$

Google ads

$4.3/day depending on industry

People must know what to look for. If there are lots of companies offering the same product or service it’s very difficult to be found. The cost per click can be very expensive as well depending on the words. The average cost per click costs 1-2 $, but it can be more expensive depending on industry (most expensive click can be 50$+). The average small business using AdWords spends between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on their Google paid search campaigns. That's $100,000 to $120,000 per year.(data from WordStream). 4.3$/day gives you 2-5 clicks!

Advertise back of taxis

3 weeks at $115/week.

You must book 25 spaces for a minimum 3 weeks at 115$/week. Set up cost 55$/ad -> 3 weeks campaign cost: 10 000$ and predominately the people who are behind the taxi would see your ad.

Advertise with scooters

3 weeks at $115/week.

You must book at least 2 scooters for 1 day for 900$. Installation cost is 800$, therefore your total cost for 1 day advertisement on 2 scooters is 1700$. You get 10 spaces on gold class drivers' cars for 5 weeks (35 days) for only 1750 A$.

*The comparing prices are guidelines only. Please check the current pricing.
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