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At Product Placement Solutions (PROP Marketing) we’re in this for you. If you run a small business, we want to help your business grow. If you want to make some extra money, but you’re short on time, we can help! Our belief is that empowering everyday people to make the extra money they need helps our community at large by strengthening the economy. Businesses experience more demand, achieve more profit and create new jobs. A healthy job market allows people to earn more money, which in turn stimulates the economy further. It’s a beautiful cycle!And a stronger economy couldn’t come at a better time. At PROP, we know many people are struggling to get by. Costs—especially those associated with housing—keep increasing, while salaries haven’t risen fast enough to keep up. Earning extra money seems like a great idea, but the average person doesn’t have the time or energy to squeeze in more work on top of their already very demanding schedules.


PROP has the answer! We’re offering an opportunity to make extra money just by driving your vehicle as you usually do anyway. Whether you’re travelling to work, picking up your kids, or cruising around the city, you can be earning income while you go about your usual business. Just think of the possibilities! A couple hundred dollars a week can lead to a thousand or more in a month, and that can lead to over 10K a year without any investment or any effort. If you are seeking a long-term arrangement, we can also match you with businesses offering fixed pricing on a monthly basis. The income generated just by driving your car can be spent on your mortgage, kids, a holiday, or anything you choose.


Soon, we are launching a range of packages for businesses of any budget and demand, which include fixed rate cars, social media marketing and optional magnetic stickers to boost your exposure. For only $5 per day per ad, you can reach hundreds of people, something that is not possible through most advertising avenues. Why are we so passionate about helping people succeed economically? Because we know what it means to struggle: feeling anxious about whether you can afford basic needs, living paycheck to paycheck, and not knowing if you’ll be able to pay your bills on time. We know what it’s like to work as hard as you can, knowing you still won’t be able to afford a much-needed holiday.


We also know the unique challenges facing small businesses. As a small business owner, whether you are a start-up or an online business, it can be extremely difficult to draw attention to your brand with a tight budget. Not only do we provide a great marketing solution, we also provide tips and tricks on our blog to grow your business. If there’s one thing we can share with you, it’s that you must hustle. We are here to help you get your name out there and achieve your business goals.


Join our team, and help yourself and your community at the same time! When you download and use the app, you’re joining our goal to stimulate the economy and empower everyday people. You can also help us reduce wastage thanks to our reusable magnetic stickers—no more flyers placed in letter boxes and all over the streets. Thank you for your support!

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