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get paid to put ads on your car

Detailed GPS Tracking Record after each booking.

Shared brand collaboration

Save money by sharing the same ad with other industries.


advertising on cars

Advertise at least on 5 cars for 5 weeks from $2.7 / day / ad


get paid to wrap your car

Advertise in shop windows, in shops or in schools


Paid To Advertise On Your Car

Social media influencers, free templates, free tutorials to download


Place ads on your shop window

Advertise on cars’ rear window


marketing your business

Be the boss! Tell drivers where to drive and park all day.
From $500/day


advertising on social media

Advertise on cars’ rear windows

Order magnets


Join the revolution

Are you a car owner who drives around a lot or parks at busy areas? Are you a business owner who would like to expand its business without a huge investment?

Advertise in shop windows.

You have a car

If you drive a vehicle, and you’d like to earn more money, simply download the free app and get started today.

Advertise on TV screen in shops & schools

Rent it out

Business owners will contact you directly and give you their magnetic car sign, easy-to-use and remove.

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Turn it into cash

Your fee—which you control—is transferred directly to your PayPal account. Enjoy the hassle-free money!

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Place ads on your shop window

Have you got an empty shop waiting for a tenant? Why not let businesses place advertisement on it until you rent it out? Have you got a retail shop and the rent is killing you? Let businesses from other industries advertise on the top or bottom of your shopfront.

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You have a shop

You have a shop in a great location and want to reduce your cost. Contact us with your details so we can promote you for other businesses.

ways to advertise your business

Rent your shop window

We get you customers who want to advertise on your window. You can accept or reject the offers. You set up your own price.

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Turn it into cash

Reduce your rental cost easily with us! Most businesses fail because of the high operating cost. Let’s change this!

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